Luisa Nardiello, Service Delivery Manager

Prior to joining G4S, Luisa had worked at Vancouver International Airport in different capacities, including postal services and for several different airlines. Luisa noticed the presence that G4S has at the airport and decided to apply.

Luisa has been with G4S since 2015. As a Service Delivery Manager, she is responsible for supporting a team of screening officers. Luisa is ultimately responsible for managing the screening checkpoint assigned to her at Vancouver Airport. She is required to open and close checkpoints as needed, ensure her team interacts appropriately with the traveling public on a daily basis, and also ensure the security and safety of all people boarding planes.

Luisa told us, “I love working at the airport. It is a great working environment and no two days are alike. Things are always changing and you never get bored.””

“I like the people I work with at G4S, everyone is very knowledgeable and we help each other out when needed. I would recommend G4S as an employer, because you are empowered to be the best employee that you can be, and you are recognized for your hard work.”