Cedric McKellar, Senior VP of Human Resources

Cedric is originally from Durban in South Africa. He attended the University of Durban and quickly discovered that he loved working with other people, so he began studying social sciences and psychology. From there, Cedric started working for the Department of Welfare in the Magistrate’s Court as a Probation Officer. After one year, he was able to pursue a career in the public sector with a major multinational corporation. Cedric started as a human resources personnel officer, and was responsible for the recruitment of staff for the company’s head office in Durban.

During this time, Cedric also completed an honours degree in Psychology with the University of South Africa, and he also completed a Masters in Business Leadership. After completing his studies Cedric opted to leave South Africa for about a year, and, upon his return in 1984, he became the Human Resources Manager for a construction materials supply company and stayed there until 1997. Cedric’s career moved very rapidly and he was eventually promoted to the Director of HR for the company.

In 1998, Cedric was recruited by one of the biggest breweries in South Africa to lead their HR department in Budapest, Hungary. The company grew in Europe, and very quickly expanded into Poland, Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and others. The HR function was absolutely key to expansion of this company and Cedric was able to apply his experience while learning new skills and tools as the company grew.

Cedric has always had a passion for teaching and helping others find their own path to leadership. In 2000, Cedric started teaching in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at the Central European University. In this role, Cedric was in contact with many companies and business leaders who often lectured at the University and, through one of his contacts, a new opportunity opened up for Cedric to work with yet another major international corporation.

In 2003, Cedric relocated his family to the Middle East and began looking after the HR function for 19 countries. By 2006, the UAE was developing quite rapidly and Cedric was asked to help the local government in developing their Human Resources capabilities. In 2010, a large conglomerate in the construction industry asked Cedric to join them as they expanded and grew their business in the Middle East.

In 2013, Cedric joined G4S, and took on responsibility for leading and managing the HR function of 10 countries in the Middle East. However, Cedric always had the intention to come to North America and, in 2015, the opportunity arose to become the Senior Vice-President of HR for G4S Canada. Today, Cedric is responsible for all HR functions across Canada. As such, he is tasked with strategically aligning the role of HR to support our operations by providing the best candidates. Cedric told us “I am very excited about the G4S brand … the company offers global opportunities, and you can join at any level of the organization, ultimately you will find the right opportunities to grow personally and professionally”.