Brianna St. Cyr, Area Manager for Residential West Division

Brianna is originally from Mississauga, and attended Brock University, obtaining a degree in Sociology. After graduating, Brianna wanted to become a Law Enforcement Officer and joined the security industry to gain some exposure and experience.

In 2012, Brianna started working as a security guard, where was responsible for tracking and securing packages for delivery. In 2014, Brianna became a Security Supervisor with a company involved in property management security. In this role, she began getting more involved in the training of other guards, providing quality control for contract compliance, customer service and business development.

In 2015, Brianna joined G4S as an Area Manager for the Residential branch. As an Area Manager, Brianna is responsible for managing all contracts within her portfolio, including financial renewals and client relations.

Brianna told us, “I started to build professional relationships with G4S employees in my past role, and really admired the attitude of these people, and the structure of the company. I saw an incentive for growth and I wanted to be a part of that. G4S is a worldwide company and there are so many diverse options to find success. The incentive for growth is apparent.”