Steven Boudreau, Patrouilleur Stationnement

Steven Boudreau is a Patroller dedicated to the parking department for the city of Montreal. Steven began his security career in the Canadian Armed Forces and progressed to the position of a Patroller before applying at G4S Canada for his current position.

Steven became interested in applying at G4S when the later acquired the parking contract for the city of Montreal. However upon further examination, Steven was equally impressed by the possibilities available at G4S. If Steven had to recommend G4S, he would have the following advice to give “Apply without hesitation because G4S has a great level of professionalism and because there are so many opportunities available within the company”.

Steven is happy with his current position however, he wants to continue to progress in his career and become a part of the Elite Protection Professionals (EPP), one of the prestigious programs available at G4S.